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About Us

Eduneka provides mostly all foreign languages training specializing in French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Korean language. We mostly providing the offline/online training in many more colleges in Mumbai. We provide the training by our experienced and professional international certified trainers taking all levels. We conduct international certified courses prescribed by international Government. We provide translation services mostly of all foreign languages… Our charges are very reasonable, lesser than other institutes. Faculties are good, classes are regular and time is as per student conveniences. We provide the training in our institute in group and individual. We take online/ offline corporate level classes and home tuitions with study materials and certificate. We provide free demo sessions & fast track courses on week days and weekends. We want an opportunity from you to provide offline/online training to those students who are interested to learn above said foreign languages of any levels on reasonable rates with our excellent facilities.




With following features
  1. Reasonable Rating     2. Sufficient Time Period     3. Payment Facilities  
  4. Certified Institute    5. Certified Trainers     6. Certified Course  
  7. Valid Certificate     8. Timely Service     9. Free Demo Session  


  Team of highly motivated , experienced and dedicated faculties to deliver the best.
  Group batches limited between four to six for personalized attention.
  Individual personalized courses ( one to one).
  Normal and fast track batches.
  Professionally designed Course materials with audio sessions.
  Convenient class timings.
  A/c class rooms to provide you a better learning environment.
  We offer courses in conversational , reading , writing and translational levels.
  For further details kindly feel free to call.


In the age of information super- highways, we all have become world citizens. Advent of the process of globalisation has made the coming together of people from different countries much more easier. Earlier, teaching was the traditional choice of language graduates, but things have undergone a sea change and a wide variety of lucrative careers is available.

What you will get ??

We can do Job and business in India and abroad easily and comfortably if we have good knowledge of foreign language. Foreign Language is the most useful source to provide us job opportunities. Education information, high profile certification in medical world, engineering field, scientific invention, deep and detail study of science and technology, best sources of income and entertainment etc. U S and Europe are so advance, having broad knowledge of new science and technology but we are not so. It can be possible when we have sound knowledge of foreign language and travel in abroad. In internet technology U S people are enjoying 6G but in India we are in 4G. There are lot of things which we can learn from out of country only, if we don’t know their country language, we have to trouble a lot like in travelling in that country, fooding, marketing, purchasing our daily needs and like that so much problems will come in business also.

Why Choose us

Choosing the best institute to learn the course you are interested in is the key to your career success.

Our Mission

To impart quality education to achieve excellence in teaching-learning and research. To provide skill-oriented training to meet the need of the industry and society. To undertake collaborative projects with academia and industries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to creates the energy and will to make change happen. We inspire individuals and organizations to commit, to persist and to give their best. A vision is a practical guide for creating plans, setting goals and objectives, making decisions, and coordinating and evaluating the work on any project, large or small.


What they say

Namrata Kamble

"I am really thankful to Eduneka, which provided me a career far better than I have ever thought. I am capable to do anything in taxation and accounts now."

Padhi Sibaram

"Eduneka has changed my overall career and life style, today I am working with very good company with handsome salary because of Eduneka, thank you and Eduneka."

Gautam Dinesh

"I got job even before completion of my course, I requested to sir that I am in need of it and placement team has immediately gave me job, I can’t forget that day of my life now I am capable to change my job at any time."

Sawant Varsha

"I have joined Eduneka for personality development but later I understand career opportunity and upgraded my course , today I am very happy that I joined best institute even unknowingly, thank you Eduneka for improving my English and overall personality change."

Torskar Mitesh

"I was working in call centre and also completing spoken english course where as I was not happy with my small salary and shift job, one of my friend suggested to join Eduneka and guess what today I am and happy accounts manager in reputed company, thank you Eduneka."

Anand Singh

"I have almost stopped my studies and joined as supervisor in the company where my father was working, one day I visited Eduneka for fake enquiry, but I was not knowing that this is going to change my entire career, god is great and yes Eduneka is great."

Ramdharne Amay

"My father said once that you cannot do anything in life, and Eduneka gave me such a platform to prove myself, today entire family depends on me and I am capable to handle."

Om Jaiswal

"After getting married I was very nervous about my future. One day my best friend Dinesh who was doing course from Eduneka suggest me to do the same, but I was having financial problem, still I visited Eduneka and get 20% scholarship discount and installment facility to complete my course, today I am finally settled because of Eduneka."

Pant Dinesh

"I came from Uttranchal to do something good in my life and yes I am manager in BAJAJ today just because of Eduneka and teachers of Eduneka who has helped me from zero, thank you every one at Eduneka for this change."

Kolekar Siraj

"I came from small village of Maharashtra. I have never ever thought that I will settle in Mumbai with very good job & what ever status I have today, If I can do any one can do,
Thank you Eduneka"