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Professional Spoken English

  Polish Grammar
  Learn Correct Pronunciation
  Build Your Vocabulary
  Learn Formal and Informal Expressions
  Express your views and opinions on current affairs
  Group discussions and acquire confidence to express yourself in correct and fluent English
  Speech Preparation, Free speech/ Extempore Sessions
  Bring Softness, Charm and Richness in your Conversation
  Video Recording & Action Replay More Then 5 Times..

  How to speak English without making grammatical mistakes?
  How to remove stage fright?
  How to speak with ease?
  How to learn new words of expression?
  How to become a gifted conversationalist?
  How to become a handsome orator?
  How to add richness and style in conversation?
  How to bring softness and charm in conversation?
  How to speak with finesse?
  How to deliver speech in front of crowd?

  Speak English Correctly
  Read English Correctly
  Understand Spoken English
  Learn Correct Pronunciation
  Improve Grammar & Its Usage
  Basic and Conversational Dialogue skills
  Learn New Words & Expressions
  Speak English Confidently
  Video Recording & Action Replay More Then 4 Times..